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All You Need To Know About Barbeque Grills

If you love barbeque you’ve come to the right spot! Here you’ll be able to find the best grill that will help you make delicious BBQ each time. Browse through our categories now or use our search toolbar to find more great products and savings!


The history of barbeque is as old as the history of mankind. Of course, there weren’t many spices or sauces to go with the meat back then but it really started many centuries ago when a man was still living in the jungles and had just learned to light fire from stones. 


The barbeque grills of today fall under two major sets of categories, i.e., based on where they are meant to be used, and the nature of their power supply. All of these categories are mentioned below:



Types Based On The Place Of Use:

Outdoor Barbeque Grills:

These grills are specifically designed to be used outdoors, usually in the backyards. They're comparatively larger than the indoor grills. This is the most widely used kind of grills since playing with fire indoors can be quite dangerous. Moreover, where there's barbeque, there's a lot of smoke as well. That is why they need to be installed in an open-air space so that the smoke can easily disperse.


Indoor barbeque Grills:

Even though indoor barbeque is usually not a good idea but modern technology has made it possible for people to safely cook a barbeque meal inside the house without setting the whole place on fire. These grills are smaller in size and barely make any smoke.


Portable Barbeque Grills:

The third type of barbeque grills based on the place of its use is the portable grill. Its use is not restricted to indoors or outdoors.  Not only can these grills be transported from one place to another with sufficient ease but are also quite safe to be used anywhere. Especially when you're going on a long-overdue camping trip, a portable barbeque grill could ensure one of the best, most aromatic, and fun-filled camping experiences of your lives.


Types Based On Fuel:

Charcoal Grills:

Charcoal grills, as their name implies, are fueled by charcoal. They're typically pretty huge, efficient, and durable. These grills aren't very suitable for making dinner for just a few people and they have enough room to cook several dishes at once.


Natural Gas Grills:

This is probably the type of barbeque grills used by a vast majority of the masses. The fuel used to power these grills is natural gas. They're convenient, economical, efficient, and use lesser fuel than most grills. The only downside to these grills is that they cannot be moved once they’ve been installed.


Electric Grills

These grills are fueled by electricity and are quite reliable unless there’s a power outage or some other issue with your electricity. Their electronic thermostat is exactly what you need if you have a lot of chores to do and can’t monitor the grill properly.


Infrared Grills:

Even though their name makes them sound like something straight from the future, they've been in the markets for quite a few decades. They're the fastest cooking grills and completely unsuitable for vegetables.

Hybrid Barbeque Grills

Dual Fuel Grills:

In appearance, this grill is no different from a gas grill but in functions, it has the power of two fuels working side by side for your convenience. In truth, it's powered by gas as well as charcoal. Hence, unlike normal charcoal grills, you don't have to wait around for the charcoal to heat up., the gas function does it for you.  

Pellet Grills:

Designed to run on electricity, pellet grills provide you with an electronic thermostat that keeps the temperature within your specified limit so that you don't have to keep checking on the food every now and then. They're a combination of a grill and a smoker, thus, merging two unique cooking options into a single device.


When all is said and done, whatever type of grill you choose to buy, make sure it's compatible with your living conditions and cooking needs, for instance, buying an outdoor grill when you're living in a small two-bedroom apartment won't be a wise idea.